An Agreement Is Lawful Unless It Mcq

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(i) An agreement legally applicable to the choice of one or more parties, but not to the choice of the other, is a non-negotiable contract; 24. If only part of the consideration or object is illegal, the (a) is valid, to the extent that it is lawful (b) Void, to the extent that it is illegal (c) valid as a whole (d) Void as a whole. In the case of an alternative undertaking, whereby one legal service is legal and the other illegal, only the legal service can be implemented. Figures A and B agree that A must pay 1,000 rupees to B, for which B then supplies either rice or contraband opium to A. This is a valid contract for the supply of rice and a non-valid agreement on opium. 1. positive affirmation, which is not justified by the information of the person he is making, of what is not true, although he considers it true; (2) any breach of duty which, without the intention of deception, acquires an advantage from the person who commits it or from a person entitled to his rights by misplacing another of his prejudices or prejudices of a person invoked under him; 3. a contracting party that has not entered into an agreement without its name induces it to make an error on the merits of the agreement. 25. Agreement without consideration, cancelled, unless it is written and registered or if it is a commitment, does something or is a commitment to pay a debt prescribed by the statute of limitations. unless it has meant, through words or behaviours, its tolerance in its sustainability. Illustrations (a)A, a singer, enters into a contract with B, the theatre`s intendant, to sing two nights a week in her theatre over the next two months, and B agrees to pay her 100 rupees for each performance.

On the sixth night, A voluntarily misses the theater. B is free to terminate the contract. b) A, a singer, enters into a contract with B, the theatre`s intendant, to sing two nights a week in her theatre over the next two months, and B agrees to pay her for each night with 100 rupees. On the sixth night, A is voluntarily absent from himself. With B`s chord, A sings the seventh night. B has expressed his agreement to continue the contract and cannot terminate it now, but he is entitled to compensation for the damage he suffered on the sixth night. In each of these cases, such an agreement is a contract. If the debtor refrains from being intimate and there are no other circumstances in determining the debt of the payment, the creditor may apply it, at his sole discretion, to all legal debts actually owed to him and payable by the debtor, whether or not their recovery is excluded by the applicable law with respect to the limits of the legal actions. Any agreement to restrict the marriage of a person other than a minor is non-acute. If two or more persons have made a common promise, the promise giver may, unless explicitly consented to the contrary, compel all “or more of these joint promise undertakings to fulfill the full promise. In this Act, the following words and phrases are used in the following sense, unless an intention to the contrary appears in the context: – In each of these cases, the examination or subject matter of an agreement is classified as illegal.