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In summary, the commercial use of microbial crops is very difficult to define because the value changes over time and is subjective at the time of their assessment. Different people may view the same thing differently and appreciate it differently. Therefore, a multi-faceted system may be necessary to build a common microbial good that allows for broad and efficient access to biological data and materials. Crop collections must continue to be concluded with MTA agreements that operate at the heart of these microbial commons as desired. Any correspondence regarding the ATCC Material Transfer Agreement should be addressed to ATCC, Attention: Office of IP, Licensing and Services, P.O. Box 1549, Manassas, VA 20108, Tel. (703) 365-2700 or contact us at Between the parties, ATCC and/or its contributors retain ownership of all rights, ownership and interests of organic materials. The purchaser retains ownership of: (a) modifications (except that ATCC retains, as between the parties, ownership of the ATCC material contained in it) and (b) substances resulting from the use of biological materials, but which do not contain or constitute biological material. Regardless of the above, the buyer acknowledges and accepts that the biological material is subject to the restrictions outlined above in the “Extended Use” section.

The buyer accepts and ensures that the purchaser recognizes ATCC and any contributor identified by ATCC as a source of biological material in all research, scientific or scientific research publications and in patent applications referring to biological material. If the contributor needs the ATCC material, ATCC can inform the contributor of the buyer`s identity. The purchaser expressly acknowledges that all trademarks are the exclusive property of ATCC and the purchaser expressly agrees not to use the marks without ATCC`s prior written consent. In the event of the transfer of these materials, the purchaser agrees to disclose ATCC within a reasonable period of time after this transfer, to the following address: in writing, so that ATCC can maintain a chain of deposit of this material. The buyer assumes all the risks and responsibilities associated with the transmission of these materials. Unless expressly stated in this section, the purchaser may not distribute, lend, lend or transfer, without ATCC`s prior written consent, persons other than the buyer`s investigator or an organization that is not involved in this MTA, the biological material as defined above. The buyer assumes all the risks and responsibilities associated with the receipt, handling, storage, disposal, transmission and use of organic materials by the buyer and its takers and takers, including and without restriction, taking into account and using all appropriate safety and handling measures to minimize health or environmental risks. The last, f), concerns research conducted as part of an agreement in which a for-profit company obtains a real or based on the results of the research. This example is a little more open. It is assumed that someone is doing sponsored research: I, Stephen McCormack, sponsor this research, and a lab wants to get all the rights and data that come with it, and maybe want to do something about it.