Kentucky Board Of Nursing Collaborative Agreement

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An advanced practice nurse must have post-basic nursing training; THE APRN program must contain clinical experience. Current students require a master`s degree, a post-master`s certificate or a doctorate (see: Nurse Practitioner Programs in Kentucky). Collaborative practical documents are available on the Board of Directors` website ( The Board of Directors will request notification of the Cooperation Agreement ( A nurse already registered as an RN in Kentucky (or in another compact condition) will follow the APRN ( application instructions. A person with a licence or a license to care in another country follows the APRN-RN ( application instructions. The APRN, which seeks to obtain a normal basis for controlled substances, will need a cooperation agreement with a doctor. APRNs is only permitted if they have been admitted as advanced practitioners or otherwise admitted for at least one year. The Board of Directors recognizes the following certification bodies: The federal background review is based on footprint. Applicants can apply to the House ( for fingerprint cards.

The Chamber also gave instructions on the introduction of fingerprint card information. The fingerprint card is sent to the Kentucky State Police with a fee of $14.75. The advanced nurse must also complete the continuing training prescribed by her certification body; Third-party certification may have a different renewal date. The nurse may be required to take additional mandatory courses during certain renewal cycles in order to maintain the RN degree in dementia. Current Kentucky APRNNs can maintain certification through the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation; This option is not available for new APRNs ( The Masters requirement does not apply to those who completed qualifying training before July 1, 2005. The licensing authority will allow some supporting documents to be sent by fax. Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists A Kentucky APRN will have one of the following names: The application can be filed online. There are separate online forms for APRN ( and APRN-RN ( The verification process is usually completed within 14 days. In cases of disciplinary or punitive history, the review process may take much longer.