Local Individual Contractor Agreement Salary Scale

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A salary depends on: 1) You, international staff or national staff. 2) Types of contracts (short-term contract, fixed-term contract (FTA), fixed-term order (TA) 3) Contract conclusion – contract level. FTA contacts can be 6 to 12 Montes and less than 6 months. This was mentioned in the vacancy notice. TA contracts from 3 months to more than one year. This was mentioned in the vacancy notice. As always, the local posts of nationals under a service contract (SC also in some UN SB agencies) and general services contracts (GS). The intermediate directorate has positions of national officers (NO). As I mentioned, for local positions is used grade – General Service (GS or G), Service Board Contract (SB), National Officers (NO) compensation for local ICA icAs fees reflect market prices and the best conditions on site for similar quality and complexity work. Fees vary from country to country, taking into account the availability of local labour, with the required qualifications and skills. Local ICAs with contracts of three months or more are entitled to additional benefits such as training, attractive health insurance (including life and disability benefits), pension funds, paid annual leave, and paid parental and sick leave. In all these contracts, different levels apply.

Basically, there are two broad categories. The first is the general services category (sometimes called local) up to ICS 7, then the Professional (or International) category as a rule from ICS 8/9. The basic logic is that some jobs do not require international jobs. For example, it doesn`t really make sense to pay a lot of money to employ an administrator internationally, because there are usually qualified people for that work in the field. If you have a national contract, you can expect to stay in the country and you will not be required to move. If you have an international treaty, you can easily be assigned to any other part of the world (a fact that is often forgotten and which regularly leads to conflict when you are actually trying to reallocate the International). The remuneration of ICAS International ICAs is a flat monthly fee. In addition, international ICAs are entitled to additional benefits such as attractive training opportunities, paid annual leave and paid parental and sick leave. UNOPS also offers the possibility of enrolling in a guarantee fund (savings program). ICA`s international royalties are competitive and are within a certain post-level level based on a number of factors.

The basic tax takes into account the amount of the contract and the current market rate for similar roles as well as the living and hard cost of the service concerned.