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A framework for a collective agreement and a number of proposed contracts. Before the expiry of the contract date, the contracting parties may, by written agreement, amend one or all of the provisions, including the expiry date. (c) if the worker chooses the transfer to the new employer, the worker is not entitled to the termination of the employment relationship at the Agency (or the payment of the wage instead of the latter) under this agreement. Collective agreements are agreements between employers and registered unions that cover workers in the employer`s workplace. The following section outlines the approach to the compensation of workers covered by this agreement. This will consist of a number of basic elements that apply to all occupational categories as well as a detailed description of the rules that apply specifically to each category of workers. The ERO will create an opportunity that will allow employees to exchange salaries for additional leave and to have banks leaving for future use. This will only be made available to officers in accordance with the DCE and subject to the policies agreed between IMO and EPI. Apart from the above requirements, the parties decide what is stipulated in the collective agreement (unless the employment agency is invited and agrees to set the terms of the contract). These provisions apply to workers who are or may be affected by a restructuring situation. They apply to all workers who expect sustainable employment in all respects. They do not apply to workers who are employed on a temporary basis in accordance with point 3.3 and who have obtained the expiry of a temporary agreement. Casual workers: – means that a worker employed by the agreement means that the nature of the relationship is an occasional employment relationship “if necessary”.

The employer advises the employee when he wishes to work (although there is no obligation for the worker to work if the worker wishes, yet another obligation for the employer to offer a job to the employee). A working relationship between the parties exists only during periods when the worker works for the employer by appointment and no employment relationship applies outside of these periods. The EPI and the ERO have agreed on a remuneration system which provides, on 1 July each year, a range of remuneration for the positions covered by this collective, with annual salary adjustments for the duration of the agreement. The payment of additional customs duties is made by the payment of the additional units (ADUs).