Visa Representation Agreement

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If the applicant does not use the representation agreement, the applicant may, for example, travel to Turkey to submit his application. The prerequisite is that the applicant stays legally in Turkey (for example. B legally crosses the border and has an entry fee) and there is a valid reason not to apply in the applicant`s country of origin. For example, if a national of a visa-required country is in Vancouver and is considering travelling to Finland, he or she can apply for a visa at the Swiss Consulate General in Vancouver. A visa application must be submitted in person at one of the 4 local visa application centres (VAC) in Turkey. The visa application centre, VFS Global, is a private company that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created for outsourcing. Application centre staff are employed by VFS Global and not by the Embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs. From 1 September 2019, the Embassy in Ankara will process all visa applications. In principle, applications for a Schengen visa must be lodged with the Austrian representative responsible for the applicant`s place of residence. If no Austrian representation is located in the applicant`s country of origin, the applicant may also apply for a Schengen visa in the following countries at a Schengen embassy representing Austria. The applicant is free to file the application with the relevant Austrian Embassy. In addition, in some important third countries, visas may be requested from the consulate of a Schengen partner representing Austria. Visa facilitation agreements are linked to readmission agreements.

Readmission agreements define procedures for returning persons (individuals, third-country nationals or stateless persons) to the EU or the partner country of the third country. Before filing, the supporting documents for the visa application must be translated into a language used by the visa mission. For more information, please contact the relevant diplomatic representative. Other requests for short-term stays of up to 90 days (Schengen visa) for business, tourism and visits to family and friends may be requested at the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania. To this end, Regulation 1806/2018 (Article 7) provides for a visa reciprocity mechanism. However, the agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova amending the agreement between the European Community and the Republic of Moldova to facilitate the issuance of visas (amendment of the agreement between the European Community and the Republic of Moldova on the facilitation of visa issuance) Decisions on visa applications should normally be made within a fortnight; in exceptional cases, this can take up to 30 days. In some cases, applications still need to be requested. If another case is required, the processing time can be up to 60 days. Decisions on visa-free travel to the Schengen area may be the result of bilateral negotiations.

They build on the progress made by the countries concerned in implementing important reforms in areas such as strengthening the rule of law, combating organised crime, corruption and illegal immigration, and improving administrative capacity for border control and document security. The ministry hopes that it will soon be possible to reinstate the suspended representation agreements. Schengen member states can agree that one country represents another country in terms of visas. A separate representation agreement is reached, Finland only applies to visa applications. Residence permits must always be issued to a Finnish mission. Agreement on the common processing of personal data in short- or long-stay visa applications. This document is not available in English. Please see the information in Dutch (PDF, 1.42 MB) or in French (PDF, 1.29 MB).