Agreement Gay 30 Days

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They agreed to be gay for thirty days and, most importantly, they even downloaded the list on the Internet to prepare to follow these standards to become a real gay couple. w.a.n.g Guangning went back to silence and remembered that the joint journey was also one of the tasks of the > list. Their exams also ended by chance in the following days, so acquiesced w.a.n.g Guangning. Their thirty-day agreement is over, but can they really return to their previous way of life, as if nothing had ever happened? Y`all better read, I can not explain how much I am in love with the plot even after the end of the agreement, because oh boy I was wrong if I thought the author was going to leave. Zhang Lingyi did not discover Guangning`s strange reaction and said: “Shou, we still have exams for two other subjects until it`s all over. Let`s not meet for these few days. Once the exams are over, we can leave and travel. Then, after following the plan in depth, the two must face the end of the agreement, although they both have awakened feelings for each other. After they agreed to follow a plan that included something like “30 things that all good couples should do” these days, you actually have witnesses with them. Infuriated, Zhang Lingyi knocked her over and threw w.a.n.g Guangning to the ground, then punched her in the face.

This broke their previous agreement not to punch in the face. The progress of the story seemed to be cliché: enemies, agreement to be gay for 30 days, understand each other slowly, jealousy follows, MC in love, MC wanted to unite, but is confined by the god of intrigue, MC went to Taiwan to forget, ML realizes that he is in love with MC, MC has returned, goes on to misunderstandings, ML confesses MC, and they still live happily after. After their little agreement, the whole atmosphere becomes even more positive. It wasn`t the first time that w.a.n.g guangning Zhang Lingyi was stining. However, the agitation and agitation he felt today was much more intense and violent than the events. At the last F University compet.i.tion for the top ten elite singers, Yu Haining was invited as a special guest. With a white cotton skirt and a violin wearing on stage, he captivated the whole school.