Datto End User Agreement

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(a) the AIS cooperates without delay (and ensures that all relevant subprocessors cooperate without delay) to ensure that any agreement is amended accordingly in accordance with Clause 29.4; and this agreement constitutes the whole agreement and understanding of the parties and replaces any agreement, agreement or previous arrangement between them with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. Each party acknowledges that it was not based on a statement, insurance, insurance or guarantee (negligence or innocentness) that is not stipulated in this agreement at the time of the conclusion of this agreement. 19.15. “specifications,” any documentation, instructions or other materials relating to the products. Specifications that can be published on an online portal. 12.1. Each of us assures and guarantees that we have in fact reached this agreement; is authorized by law; and (iii) in concluding this agreement, it does not violate an agreement or prior obligation between it and third parties. 19.17. “Conditions of use” refers to these terms of use, modified from time to time, which, with an order, constitute a binding agreement between the parties on the use of the product. 1.3) Each user environment can only be made available to a user to one user. AIS reserves the right to terminate dual user. b) The customer cannot unduly refuse or delay the approval of any subsequent changes to these conditions, as proposed by AIS, in order to protect contract-related processors from the additional risks associated with the amendments covered in 36.3.a [and/or 36.4.a].

(j) immediately send the data exporter a copy of a subcontract contract that it enters into in accordance with the terms. (f) at the request of the data exporter, to present its data processing services for the review of processing activities covered by the clauses, carried out by the data exporter or by a supervisory body composed of independent members and holding the required professional qualifications, which are bound by a confidentiality obligation, possibly selected by the data exporter in agreement with the supervisory authority; 1.9 All credits paid will be applied to the Customer`s next monthly invoice for the Service after AIS accepts the claim. All requests for credit or compensation are submitted without delay and, in all cases, within ten working days from the date of the arrival of the right circumstances. 34.3) A member of the client group may only hire a legal auditor within the meaning of point 34.1 if the legal auditor has been the subject of an amicable agreement with AIS. The AIS cannot unduly delay or delay an agreement to appoint a statutory auditor. To provide desktop desktop to your team`s users, you generate a team key that is then used by the Desktop workplace configuration system on the user`s desktop or laptop devices, or users can set up desktop desktop by entering their information.