Another Word For Lease Agreement

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Our apartment manager has someone who wants our lease, so put our lease in that person`s name and withdraw ours. We didn`t necessarily reinvent the brand, but we took it and repositioned it and streamlined it, there are a lot of freelancers in our industry. They go out and buy it or buy equipment and build a beautiful office space. But it is difficult for them to make their service affordable while paying rent and equipment rental. They are usually inefficient with their number of square meters. We focus on a room that measures only 1000 square meters. Six weeks after the day he got his lease, he started making glue. What is the American word for the British bandage? under a lease or lease; Even if she insisted on a one-year lease, it wouldn`t do much harm. The bank does not need the assets, the banks take assets. Once the refund is made, they either sell it or rent it again. And in this case, they have a five-year-old asset and they decided to sell them. He refused to renew the lease; and the man went elsewhere.

Without having to respond to specific announcements made by private companies, I would like to remind you that, within the framework of the Iran agreement, we have put in place a licensing policy allowing the granting of individual licences to individuals and companies wishing to export, re-export, sell, leaser or transfer to Iran commercial airliners and related parts and services exclusively for commercial passenger aviation. When the lease expired, Contadino wrote to him that he refused to renew it. He sat on Jenkins` desk and started reading a lease. And we have the lease of this house for two more years! 1`You have been able to acquire a 15-year lease for a factory` I will clear you of the rest of the lease and settle your matter with the landlord. The directors under their lease were entitled to the remaining $75,000. “We could leave the house furnished for the rest of the lease,” Roger continued. “The lease is not in a hurry, sir,” the incorrigible Roland returned. Rental, rental, rental, rental, rental, location, rental, rental, rental, rental, rental, rental, rental, lease, lease, contract, surety, rental, rental, rental, subsidy I do not see anything in the guidelines or statutes that limit where they could buy or rent direct housing assistance units, nothing would prevent them from doing so.

1`The film crew rented a large hangar and used it as headquarters` “We rented our apartment to friends while we were abroad.” the period during which a contract in which a contract forfeited to a person is a contract granting the use or use of property for a certain period of time for a specified payment. . . .