Kebenaran Green Hilton Memorial Agreement

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Even if they dare! If you dare to defend the Indonesian people and fulfill Karno`s mandate 39 years ago. Ragile, October 5, 2012 Fill in the data below or click on one of the symbols to log in: President SBY would then have ceded the gold to the IMF and the World Bank, as recommended by the G20. Indonesia received a $2.8 billion grant from the IMF. The question is: is it true that this subsidy is a compromise to forget 57147 tons of gold worth a trillion dollars? Hahaha.. luccccuuuuuuuuuu, which is open source jg oil agent ndiri involved or not… Ha ha ha, miracle sj.. official doc or wat, password krn byk nelikung in the East. Open the ny kmbli …. file. Maen delete. The topic has been circulating in the United States since 2008 via website. November 14, 1963 is undoubtedly a sacred date, thanks to a historic agreement between two of the most charismatic presidents of that time.

Indonesian President Sukarno – known abroad as Ahmed Sukarno – has agreed to sign the Green Hilton agreement with US President John F. Kennedy. Sukarno proudly handed over about 57,147 tons of pure 24-carat gold to the state treasury. It is the national treasure and it is supposed to be the mandate of the kingdoms of Asia. King of The King carries a cliché fairy tale about Sukarno`s treasures kept at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The scam that comes from the history of the agreement between Indonesian President Sukarno and US President John F. Kennedy (JFK) is called the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. The Hilton Green Memorial Treaty is an urban legend in the world where it is said that U.S.

President John F. Kennedy took place on the 14th A secret agreement was reached with Indonesian President Sukarno in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 19, 1963. . .